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Dr. Stephanie Blackstone


Dr. Stephanie Blackstone

Dr. Blackstone is truly amazing at what she does! She is kind, funny, smart, and so efficient! She will be a perfect choice to care for your furry friend!

Stephanie joined the Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital Team in October of 2021. She graduated from Iowa State University- College of Veterinary Medicine is 2010. She is originally from Western Nebraska. Stephanie grew up on a farm there where she was always around cats, dogs, horses, and cattle. She remembers the day that she decided she wanted to become a veterinarian very well. She got the chance to help her local veterinarian bandage a draft horse's hoof. She was only 12 years old at the time, but knew after this experience that she was meant to become a Veterinarian, to help animals, just like that! Stephanie has a dog of her own, named Maebe. Maebe is a sweet, old, geriatric dog now. Some of Stephanie's hobbies include cooking and baking. (She is known to bring us delicious treats at work!). 

Tidbits & Trifles:

Fresh Air Lover: Stephanie enjoys being outside! The one exception is camping, the tent life is not her jam. You can however find her helping out on the farm, or traveling!

Did someone say snacks?: She admits that she is always hungry! 

Biggest Fear: Stephanie says that she has a phobia of ticks, we don't blame her they are freaky!

Lefty Lady: She is a part of the 10% of the world's population that is Left handed!

A Day in the Life:

What is your favorite part about being a Veterinarian?

“My favorite thing about being a Vet is getting to be a part of my patient's lives, from beginning to end.”