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Lead CSR & Lead of Doggy Daycare/ Pet Resort


Sarah Baca from Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital

Lead CSR & Lead of Doggy Daycare/ Pet Resort


Kind, intelligent, and dedicated, Sarah lives with both feet on the ground while finding joy in her work on the daily.

A coffee-loving Colorado native, Sarah joined the MRAH Team in November of 2015 and was originally a member of our doggie daycare staff. She worked her way up to the reception desk and she is now our Lead Receptionist & Lead of DDC/Boarding! Her pleasant and even-tempered disposition make her a perfect fit to work with animals. With her natural talent for canine communication, it was no surprise when she left us for a short period to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. When she’s not helping other people with their pets, Sarah enjoys going to dog parks with her own pups, Sawyer and Journey. She also shares her home with Rowdy the cat and her husband, Brandon.

Tidbits and Trifles

Life-saver: Sarah completed an American Red Cross pet first aid course.

Birds of a feather: For a long time, she had a conure named Sebastian.

Seaworthy: Sarah’s favorite colors are blue and green.

Bragging rights: She won her fantasy football league this year.

A Day in the Life:

Tell us about an aspect of dog training that fascinates you.

Search and Rescue. I love watching dogs work and find it amazing how they can stay focused.

You love both dogs and cats; if you could live as one or the other, which would you choose?

Dog! I think I would have more adventures!

If you could only have one thing from Starbucks for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Can’t live without the Caramel Frappuccino