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CSR, PAW Plan Coordinator


CSR, PAW Plan Coordinator


They say everything happens for a reason and we believe that to be very true! Linsey found out she would be moving to Colorado just as we had a position opening up, it was truly meant to be and we are so fortunate to have her!

Linsey joined our Mountain Ridge family in November of 2021.  She states that she wants to be able to help animals in anyway that she can. She has a rescue pup and she has helped in multiple rescues. Linsey says it is the best feeling in the world to help a creature in need. We couldn't agree more with her!! She was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. She has 2 fur babies: They are both border collie mixes. One is red and white and is named Ringo, he is  8 years old. The other is named  Pepé le Pew, he is black and white and approximately 3 years old. In her free time Linsey loves to go camping. She also enjoys crafting. 

Tidbits & Trifles:

Turtley Terrific: Sea turtles are her favorite animal and she even got to swim in the Caribbean with one! 

Fun Fact: She and her husband got married in Boring, Oregon (Boring formed an alliance with Dull Scotland and Bland Australia). Therefore she states that she is an ultimate Aggie

Lucky Star: Her husband won the lottery, and not just when he married her!

A Day in the Life:

What is your favorite part about your job as a Veterinary Receptionist?:

“So far talking with clients about their pets. Seeing clients care so much about their furry family members, and having them share their stories with me, truly makes my day!”