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Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital

“The Lodge” at Mountain Ridge

Whether you’re going on vacation, getting some remodeling done, or having a house full of guests, don’t stress—we are happy to care for your pets to help you out and minimize their stress, too.

We offer overnight boarding!

Rest easy knowing that your companions are, too. When they board with us, they are in the capable hands of our experienced technicians and caring kennel staff. You won’t find better comfort than knowing your pets are safe and sound and loved in our hospital. We are well equipped to care for animals with medical conditions and special needs.


  • In order to board with us, your furry friend must be spayed or neutered.

  • Your pet must be current on vaccines, including Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (DA2PP), Canine Influenza and Bordetella for dogs, and Rabies, FVRCP, and Feline Leukemia for cats. We do require proof of vaccines upon check-in.

  • Canine guests who have never stayed with us before are subject to a boarding consultation; it’s free! We just want to make sure your doggo and our staff will be safe during their stay.

  • We are happy to accommodate canine and feline guests in need of medication; our capable kennel staff can administer most types of medication for an additional charge. We do have an exception that we do not board diabetic patients, patients with seizure disorders, or extremely arthritic older patients, as we feel they would benefit from having 24-hour care around the clock and our facility is closed during the night time to where we are unable to provide those services.

We are happy to accommodate both dogs and cats in our overnight facilities. Canine companions will stay in The Lodge at Mountain Ridge, where all of our guests will receive plenty of personal attention, playtime and special care by our trained kennel attendants. Feline friends will be cared for in our Summit Suite, where they have the option to cozy up in a private kennel space or roam free in the sizeable suite and settle in on the cat tree, get some scratching done, and receive human company and attention if they so desire.