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Dog Daycare and Pet Resort Attendant


Dog Daycare and Pet Resort Attendant


Easy-going and pleasant, Will’s personality is well suited for pacifying the dog pack, and also blends with our human Mountain Ridge family.

A capable caretaker, Will’s confidence with the dogs makes him an appreciated and essential member of our daycare team. He joined our team in June of 2019. His characteristic laughter brings joy to the people at Mountain Ridge, and his calm demeanor harmonizes well with his canine charges. Originally from California, Will has lived in several states from coast to coast, including Oregon, Florida, and Virginia before he made his home in Colorado. His wanderlust has him constantly moving and rearranging his space, and he has big dreams for travel in his future. When he does find time for stillness, he enjoys cooking and playing video games while hanging out with his dog, Pistachio. 

Tidbits and Trifles:

Rambling man – Will has moved about 25 times in his life.

Specialty chef – He loves making Japanese food and has been a Ramen chef.

Cartophile – Will is obsessed with maps.

On the horizon – His  goal is to travel to Japan on an 8 month trip.

A Day in the Life:

Will's dog Pistachio loves attending our doggy daycare which is fun for him because he gets to go to work with his dad every day!