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CVT, Lead Veterinary Tech


CVT, Lead Veterinary Tech



Tina’s kind spirit and calm presence make her an invaluable asset to the Mountain Ridge Family. She is always ready to help her patients and colleagues, and she contributes a balanced and positive vibe to our team.


A Colorado native, Tina was born and raised in Boulder. She grew up with all kinds of household pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits and rats! A softball expert, Tina attended CSU on a softball scholarship, and graduated with her degree in psychology. After college, she coached division 2 and high school softball, but she followed her passion for animal care to Bel-Rea. She has been loving her career as a CVT for over 20 years! When she’s not helping furry friends at Mountain Ridge, Tina enjoys spending time with her two kids and their two rescue Boston Terriers.

Tidbits and Trifles:

  • Allstar – Tina tried out for the Olympic softball team after college!

  • Wanderlust – She loves to travel

  • Showgoer – Metal concerts are Tina’s jam!

  • Not picky – She enjoys all kinds of movies.