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Hospital Manager, CVT


Hospital Manager, CVT


Jess puts her heart into her job every day. Her outstanding compassion for people and their companions shines through with each and every patient in her care.

Ever since childhood, Jess was determined to work with animals. Immediately after graduating high school, she went to college to study veterinary medicine. She graduated from Bel Rea Institute of Animal Technology in March 2014 and joined the Mountain Ridge family that June. Her love of animals was born early; as an only child, she found furry siblings in her family pets. She now finds companionship in her own pets, including an orange tabby named Tuna, a Goldendoodle puppy named Cider and goldfish with various food names. Although she loves cats and dogs, her spirit animal is the sea turtle! Jess enjoys spending time with her human friends and family, and she lists camping, cooking, going to country concerts, dancing, and traveling among her favorite activities. She is a Colorado native.

Tidbits and Trifles

  1. Deep blue sea – The ocean is her happy place; Jess says the sound of waves rolling onto the beach is the most relaxing sound on earth.

  2. Green thumb – Jess enjoys taking care of indoor plants and an outdoor garden.

  3. Blood and guts – Jess and her boyfriend Nathan are very similar until it comes to watching Grey’s Anatomy when she finds herself on her own.

  4. Pet names – Her pets are named after food in the tradition of her family pets growing up; Snickers, Chili, and Cayenne.

A Day in the Life:

What jams get you pumped up for work?

Any song with a good beat gets me pumped up!

What is one of your favorite things in your vet tech routine?

My favorite thing is when a cat or dog comes in for an appointment and I can still remember them from when they first came in as kittens and pups!

We understand that you have a special affection for sea turtles. What do you love most about them? Have you had the chance to swim with one?

I did swim with the sea turtles in Cancun, Mexico; it was one of the top things on my bucket list!

I love what sea turtles symbolize. Here is “Advice From A Sea Turtle,” which I think can be applied to daily life: Swim with the current, Be a good navigator, Stay calm under pressure, Be Well Traveled, Be at ease in your own shell.